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    Nothing in life can stay fresh forever. Times change, and so do styles. When you start getting pangs that perhaps your branding has gotten stale, you should probably listen to your gut instincts. Sometimes a rebranding is needed to reflect a new direction in which your company is headed. Other times, it’s due to growth or a new level of sophistication that needs to be communicated to your audience. But whatever the cause, it’s important to rebrand with care, based on a strategic initiative that brings you all things positive—positive press, positive internal and external buy-in and, most importantly, a positive effect on your long-term bottom line.

    Here are a few rebranding strategies that have worked for our clients:

    • You have a positive brand that you feel good about but are worried it is getting a bit dated. In this case, the best way to approach re-branding is to pat yourself on the back and keep the equities you’ve built. Instead of a complete overhaul, the right design team can help you refine and modernize what you already have, making it the kind of better that may only be caught by customers’ subconscious.

    • Think about your brand in time and space. Perhaps you find that it isn’t reflecting the strong history that built your company to where it is today. Or maybe you are concerned it isn’t reflecting the strong vision you have for your company’s future. These are both excellent strategies to undertake when embracing a re-brand.

    • If your biggest concern in undertaking a rebrand is negative feedback and lack of acceptance from your core audience, the best strategy to take may be to plan how to handle the response. Plan a forum for the criticism but meet it head on. By doing so, you show your audience respect, yet lead them to acceptance.

    If you are considering undertaking a rebranding, let Monster Marketing partner with you on this exciting project. Working together, we will develop a strategy tailored to your company’s unique journey.